The Holy Brow

by Jess Jamez Music

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Jess Jamez is a staple of the NYC underground scene.. If you're an underground rapper in NYC and you DON'T know who Jess is or you've never seen him performing somewhere, you're probly not as involved in the NYC underground scene and you should probly NOT consider yourself a part of the NYC underground scene lmao.. Honestly if you ask anybody from Grandmaster Caz to Talib Kweli to Ice-T to look b.. I guarantee you ppl know who this guy is.. I had a H.S. friend who's NOT involved in the music scene at ALL tell me one time "hey that Jess Jamez guy?! I saw him performing one time at this open mic" (he's probly referring to the End Of The Weak, the longest running weekly open mic in NYC, over 10 yrs strong EVERY sunday, you stop by 101 Avenue A and you're PROBLY gonna come across Jess Jamez performing..).. What I found the most amazing about his comment was, dude, out of EVERYBODY he probly saw perform that ONE night he went to EOW was Jess Jamez fucking Figueroa.. lol.. That's very TELLING about Jess. He's captivating, his energy both on track and live when performing is just.. REAL. It's tangible asfuck! Dude's not trying to be some "Super Duper Lyrical Miracle" rapper, nah b.. He's not trying for that shit (don't get it twisted, he's NICE and he's GOT BARS! but he's not trying to be THAT guy), nah, Jess is a BETTER artist than that.. He's just being HIM and THAT Is what makes him so fucking GOOD. That REAL shit that he's talking about is what makes the everyday man relate to him. He speaks on everything from "baby mama drama" to his new bitch he's having problems with, he's talking to friends in his life who he's presently fighting with.. Pretty much if you're in his life, you end up in his music.. Cuz his music is about his life as it is with ALL great artists.

From the opening opus of the album he's speaking on his life. He's speaking on his situations he's going through right now. "The Holy Brow" isn't "shy", its not "vague", its IN YOUR FUCKING FACE! lol (all caps bruh you KNOW I meant business w/ that shit lmao).. His musics RAW, kinda like they're saying in the intro speech to "Spaceship" ("Jess is real raw, real unrefined, really unfiltered"), they're right. He is. His music is. The first half of this whole "tape" is. (More on that later) The first 3 tracks have an almost similar theme to them. He's getting shit off his chest. On "The Holy Brow" he's airing out some issues, On "Second To None" it sounds like he's talking to a homey who might have overstepped his boundaries, On "Spaceships" he's pretty much done with all the "Fake Shit" he's been dealing with. That unabashed honesty is what makes his music appetizing to the pallet.

-Paragraphs Vega


released July 10, 2014

Jess Jamez, Larry Legenda, Nonezeo,



all rights reserved


Jess Jamez Music New York, New York

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-Jess Jamez Figueroa

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